System Requirements

Minimum a 486DX/66MHz/8M-Rom or better computer with a Windows compatible audio card, Windows 95/NT operating system, and a internet browser Netscape Navigator 2.01 or laterer, or Microsoft Inernet Explorer 3.x or laterer are required. In addition, an internet browser plugin called VivoActive Player, needs to be installed to view the streaming video.

Data Rate Configuration

Please click one of the following configuration choices which fits the internet connection on your computer.

Small Frame

For modem connection to internet. This choice has a small video frame size (160x120 pixels) while requires only a low data transmitting rate (28.8k bps).

Large Frame

For intranet or ISDN connection to internet. This choice has a larger video frame size (240x180 pixels) with better video quality. However it needs higher data transmitting rate (54k bps). A Pentium computer is also required in this case.