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Comprehensive Assessment of the Freshwater Resources of the World --- an UN document, 1997


D. Action: Recommendations

Bearing in mind existing principles and the recommendations in chapter 18 of Agenda 21, the following action are recommended partly based on the discussion in previous sections of this report:

Given the seriousness of the situation and future risk of crises, there is an urgent need to act now. The international community has to strive for a situation in which there is no undermining of the natural resource base. Land and water need to be protected from long-term degradation that threatens food production, aquatic ecosystems, human health and biodiversity. There is a need to reduce water use per unit of production, using water-efficient technologies. Pollution has to be sharply reduced, and persistent toxic substances that accumulate in the food chain must no longer be released into the environment. Agricultural water use has to become highly efficient, so as to ensure an adequate food supply for everyone. Generally accepted political goals need to be developed based on the fair sharing of benefits from water use.

In order to achieve this future it is necessary for governments to take the steps needed to reach a Global Consensus over and above what is contained in the existing principles and agreements on freshwater resources of the world. Such a Consensus should take into account factors brought out in this report.

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